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printer repairing

SK Infotech on Stop Company for your entire printer repairing need. We have a team of expert who are will qualified and experienced to rectify every printer related problem. Printers are very complicated system if you use the printer heavily then also you will face the problem and if you use printer very less then also you will face the problem and to smooth conduction of printer you need to have periodic check and maintenance of printer.

We at SK Infotech not just rectify the present problem but we also run the investigation of each part of the printer and make sure that your printer will continue to work efficiently for a loge time. We do suggest the replacement of the part after analysis of the printer to avoid further inconvenience to operate, and which may harm your printer seriously.

Our some of the printer repairing and maintenance services includes:-

  • paper get jammed coninously.
  • paper allingment proplem
  • irrotic fonts printing problem
  • High Noice problem
  • Roller jam problem
  • Printer Head related problems
  • Scanner related problems
  • Cartarage related problems
  • And many more.....
We not only service the printer but we educate our customers about printer and proper operational method which leads to less breakdowns of printers we also make them aware of dos and doníts regarding the printer which makes your printer working properly for a long time.
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